Saturday, 17 October 2009

Keep It Simple

Something I always tell students is that in English you don't need to know "big words" to make interesting phrases. Using very small and simple words you can make many different expressions.

One good example of this is the phrasal verb (句動詞).
We usually make phrasal verbs using a verb (動詞)and a preposition (前置詞) or an adverb (副詞).

Here are some examples using the verb to go:

go out - 出掛ける、付き合う、消える、人気がなくなる などなど...
go on - 進み続ける、起こる、時間がたつ、しゃべり続ける などなど...
go off - 立ち去る、~に興味を失う、腐る、爆発する などなど...

As you can see, using 2 very short words we can make many different phrases with many different meanings.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Exhibition Report

My exhibition finished last week. I'd like to thank all of the students who visited the gallery. I hope you enjoyed the show.

As always there were many different things on display. This time I mainly exhibited paper toys. It was a challenge to display the toys in an interesting way, but I think I was successful in the end.

Here are a few pictures of my papercraft and you can see the full photo gallery by clicking this link: