Friday, 27 January 2012

Chibi's ワン-Point English: Top 10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Hi everyone,

Although Groundhog Day isn't until next week, it is already being predicted (予測されている) that the cold weather will continue all the way to April. I love winter, but Alan often complains about the cold (寒さについて文句を言う) and is always thinking of new ways to keep warm. He even asked his intermediate class (中級クラス) students for advice. Here are some of their ideas:

Top 10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter
10. Work out (運動する) = Train = Exercise
9. Drink hot water with ginger (生姜湯)
8. Eat kimchi nabe
7. Use pocket body warmers (懐炉)
6. Use a futon drier (布団乾燥機) to warm up your bedding (寝具類)
5. Use a hot water bottle (湯たんぽ)
4. Wear thermal underwear/long johns (股引、パッチ、らくだ)
3. Wear a belly-warmer tie/belly band (腹巻)
2. Put on a short winter coat (半纏、ちゃんちゃんこ) and rest under a kotatsu while eating mandarin oranges (みかん) and drinking hot sake
1. Move to Okinawa . . . or Miami!

Stay cool and don't be a fool,


Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year from all of the E-Style teachers.

Every year I am asked: What do Americans do on New Year's? Well, this year I called my friend in Santa Rosa, California right before midnight and asked what was going on.

Just the same as a lot of people here in Japan, many at my friend's place were watching special New Year's Eve television programs. Just before midnight, people charged their glasses with champagne, and gave a toast. They said, "Happy New Year!"

While I was listening on the phone, all of this happened. It was very exciting. Then, suddenly, I could hear fireworks going off outside. People from the neighborhood were making a lot of noise. I even heard people outside yelling, "Happy New Year!"

The next day, I called again. Everyone was watching (American) football on TV. Football is the most popular sport in America. The playoffs to the championship start at the beginning of the year. So, many people who like this sport are glued to their TV's on New Year's Day.

New Year's Day is a national holiday in the United States. But, most people start work on January 2. This year, the holiday fell on a Sunday, so everyone was happy that they could take Monday off, and start work on January 3.