Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Chibi's ワン-Point English: "連続Red Sox"

Hi everyone,

These days (最近), Alan has been driving me crazy talking about the Boston Red Sox. He checks the games' box scores in the newspaper every day and watches the highlights on TV every night. He even had their logo shaven and dyed into my fur during the 2007 season (please see the above photo).

According to Alan (アランによると), the Red Sox have been playing great as of late (最近). He says that just recently (つい最近) they won nine games in-a-row(九連勝した). This got me thinking about the different ways we say 「連続」in English. Here are some examples:

連続3試合負ける - lose 3 games in-a-row
5試合連続で - in 5 consecutive games
連続7人抜きをする - beat 7 opponents in succession
連続9試合 - 9 straight matches
連続して11年間 - for 11 years running

Go Sox,


P.S. Did you notice all the different ways I used 「最近」 above?