Friday, 31 January 2014

It's made of ~

Hi everyone,

This week, the beginners classes have been playing a guessing game (推測ゲーム). One student gives a hint about a common object (日常的な物) and his or her partner tries to guess what it is. Among the hints were some of the following useful expressions:

It's made of plastic and metal.      プラと金属で作られています。
It's expensive.                             (値段が)高いです。
I use it for business and pleasure. 仕事楽しみのために使います。
I use it almost every day.             ほとんど毎日使います。
A famous brand is a type of fruit.  果物の種類は有名なブランドです。

Can you guess what it is?

See you at E-Style,