Sunday, 6 May 2012

Chibi's ワン-Point English: Frequency Adverbs

Hi everyone,

The other day, a dog in my neighborhood (近所) asked me how often Alan walks me off (my) leash (ひも [リード] なしで). My answer was "Never." I then started to think about other frequency adverbs (頻度の副詞) and came up with the following examples:

Always (いつも) - Alan always walks me on a leash.
Almost always (大抵、ほとんどいつも) - He almost always drinks coffee after breakfast.
Usually (普段は) - It is usually still cold in March.
Often (しばしば) - She often oversleeps (寝坊する).
Sometimes (時々) - I sometimes go fishing.
Rarely (めったにしない) - I am rarely late for work.
Hardly ever (めったにしない) - We hardly ever eat out (外食する).
Never (ぜんぜんしない) - They never go drinking.

Did you notice that the frequency adverb came after the verb "be" (be動詞の後) in two of the above sentences?

Bye for now,