Tuesday, 3 January 2017

On New Year's Day

Happy New Year!

Although I did not see the first sunrise of the year (初日の出) on January 1st, I did enjoy many traditional (伝統的な) New Year's dishes called O-sechi-ryori later that morning. While I miss the New Year's Eve parties that I used to attend in the States, I do not miss the hangovers (二日酔い) that often followed them. The Japanese New Year's style of eating and sleeping (食っちゃ寝) is more fun in the end. Besides, the rice cake and vegetable soup (お雑煮) is great, especially when it's made Sanuki Style - with white miso and rice cakes filled with sweet bean paste (餡餅)!

See you at E-Style,


P.S. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating my Sanuki-Style O-zoni to take a photo. Maybe next year.