Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chibi's ワン-Point English: "I'm Only Sleeping"

Hi music lovers,

As many of you know, Alan's favorite band is the Beatles. Of all the great songs by the Fab Four, Alan says that he can't decide on (決定できない) which one he likes best, but MY favorite number (歌) is "I'm Only Sleeping" (僕は眠ってるだけなんだ).

Here are the lyrics (歌詞) from the first verse (序奏部、バース):

When I wake up early in the morning (朝早く目覚めたときには)

Lift my head, I'm still yawning (頭をもたげてもまだあくびしてる)

When I'm in the middle of a dream (夢の中にいるときには)

Stay in bed, float upstream (ベッドの中でふわふわ浮いてる)

Please don't wake me (頼むよ、起こさないで)

No, don't shake me (だめだよ、揺すらないで)

Leave me where I am (このまま放っといて)

I'm only sleeping (僕は眠ってるだけなんだ)

Goodnight Vienna,


P.S. Click on the following link to hear the song (with all of the lyrics):
I'm Only Sleeping