Thursday, 31 October 2013

Disagreeing Dos and Don'ts

Hi everyone,

In recent posts, I've been writing about how to agree (同意する) with someone by saying "Me too" or "Me neither." Today, I want to explain what to say when you disagree (同意しない) with somebody.

For example, if a friend were to say "I like baseball" and you do too, then you could simply say "Me too" or "So do I." However, if you have a different opinion (違う意見を持っている) and don't like baseball, then you would say "I don't (like baseball)."

If that same friend then said "I don't like soccer" and you don't either, then you could respond with "Me neither" or "Neither do I." However, if you do like soccer, then you would say "I do. (I like soccer.)"

Are you confused? Just remember to change the verb from positive (肯定的) to negative (否定的) or vice versa (逆の場合も同じ) when you have a different opinion to the person with whom you are speaking.

Good luck,