Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chibi's ワン-Point English: "Take a nap"

Hi everybody,

As many of you know, my favorite activity (一番好きな活動) is going (for) walkies (散歩連れていってもらうこと). I also love taking naps (昼寝すること). In fact, I love to take a nap or two (or ten) every day. Alan says that taking a short nap every day is good for one's health (健康に良い). Here are some other healthy things that I "take" once in a while:
take a bath (風呂に入る)
take a bite (一口食べる)
take a break (休憩する)
take a chance (いちかばちかやってみる)
take a piss (小便する) (NEVER in the house!)
take a shower (シャワーを浴びる)
take a trip (旅行する) and of course, my favorite . . .
take a walk (散歩する)

Take it easy,