Saturday, 10 February 2018

The "Rainbow State"

Aloha everyone,

Last month I visited Hawaii, officially (正式に) nicknamed the "Aloha State." This nickname can be seen not only on tee-shirts, but on license plates (ナンバープレート), too. While a lot of my students had heard of the "Aloha State" nickname, many didn't realize that Hawaii is also known as the "Rainbow State." I saw at least (少なくとも) one rainbow (虹) every day of my trip, sometimes seeing as many as three in one day! So, this alternate nickname makes sense (理にかなう).

Speaking of state nicknames (州のニックネームといえば), did you know that Florida (where I'm from) is called the "Sunshine State?"

Let's see how well you can do matching the following states (下記の州) with their nicknames:

  1. New York                                       A. The Bay State
  2. Texas                                            B. The Lone Star State 
  3. Rhode Island                                  C. The Golden State
  4. Massachusetts                               D. The First State
  5. California                                        E. The Empire State
  6. Tennessee                                      F. The Cornhusker State
  7. New Jersey                                    G. The Garden State
  8. West Virginia                                  H. The Ocean State
  9. Delaware                                         I. The Volunteer State
10. Nebraska                                        J. The Mountain State

In a state of relaxation, 


P.S. Here are the answers: 1. E; 2. B; 3. H; 4. A; 5. C; 6. I; 7. G; 8. J; 9. D; 10. F

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